Furniture for those who are looking for the good design or the extra quality for their office. Exclusive products in world class that above all put weight on design and functionality for your office.

We can deliver all solutions in various different colors, materials and shapes, so your final office will match your business.

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  • Basic height adjustable table - with grey frame
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    7.649,00kr. (9.561,25kr. incl. vat)
  • Interstuhl Yoster office chair
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    3.375,00kr. (4.218,75kr. incl. vat)
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    7.250,00kr. (9.062,50kr. incl. vat)
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    1.399,00kr. (1.748,75kr. incl. vat)
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    1.348,00kr. (1.685,00kr. incl. vat)
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    2.126,00kr. (2.657,50kr. incl. vat)