Bookcases and drawer trays
We get our bookcases from the Danish quality producer Fumac. We shop locally to preserve the Danish working places and to ensure a swift and flexible delivery. In this way we always get the bookcases and trays quickly to their destination, which is an advantage for you as a customer.

Office2go's bookcases are available in many different sizes, colors and accessories, which makes it impossible to show all combinations. Therefore please pay attention that the bookcases can be built with doors, filing drawers, post sorting units, drawer elements which of course can be combined in different colors – only your imagination is the limit. The surface of the bookcases are either in veneer, laminate or lacquer, which give a very durable and nice surface for many years. The doors are of course with a "soft" closing mechanism so they never slam!

We also have drawing trays with 2, 3 and 4 drawers and a new, different mix drawer tray from House Doctor – why must everything be so linear? Check this one out.

Please note that we show the most typical models on the website. If you have a particular need, then give us a call at 88 82 70 05 and we will find a solution that fits you.

Notice, there's only 3 weeks delivery time on bookcases and accessories :)

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