LK1400 - LED bulb. (60 watts) |
LK1400 – LED bulb. (60 watts)

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LK1400 – LED bulb. (60 watts)

LED bulbs with a big socket:
* Lights up like a 60 W pærer
* Lifespan min 25.000 hours
* Color: Warm white
* El consumage: 10 watts
* 2 years full warranty

LEDs use up to 90% less power, generate less heat and preserve our environment at a high level concerning sustainability.

The success of LEDs is hardy a surprise and put some clear markers for our future. Compared with traditional illumination, LEDs are extremely energy effective and leave a very little environmental print concerning CO2-emissions. They are not only cheaper to run but also to maintain because of the extreme longevity. This eliminates expensive maintenance- and operation fees.

With an average lifetime of about 25.000 hours which corresponds to about 25 years with standard operation, you will have a maintenance free for the next many years.

Energy class A++