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MEETING High table

High table is either 90 or 110 cm high – 160 or 200 cm wideRead more about the table below


MEETING High table

MEETING High table is intended for standing around, for meetings and general work or with high table chairs. It can take the pressure off the back that is created when you sit down too much, and it helps the blood circulation in the legs. The table is either 90 cm high (does not have a footrest) or 110 cm high (has a chrome-plated footrest).


Width/Depth: 160*60cm, 160*80cm, 200*60cm and 200*80cm

Height: 90 cm, 110 cm


Black linoleum (top), white laminate and black laminate
Accessories: available as standard with chrome footrest

Linoleum table top: This is a super nice table top with a soft surface that is always nice to touch. It produces no glare from lamps. The disadvantage of a linoleum table top is that it cannot withstand harsh cleaning agents. Finally, a linoleum board is not as strong as a laminate board.

Laminate table top: The laminate table top has an elegant surface. Can be cleaned with all cleaning agents and has a very strong surface. The disadvantage of a laminate board is that it gives some glare from a lamp. Another disadvantage is that on the dark plates (black and anthracite) you will be able to see greasy fingers on the plate. This is not seen on the white plate

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90 cm, 110 cm


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